The best Cuba guidebooks aren’t necessarily written by the big guidebook companies. The best guidebook for your trip to Cuba is the one that best fits your travel style and itinerary.

All of the big guidebook companies from Lonely Planet to Let’s Go make at least one Cuba guidebook.

Most guidebook companies make a book on Cuba as a country, but Cuba’s diverse territory makes for enough material for a full guidebook on specific places like Havana.

If you are only planning to visit one city in Cuba, getting a specific guidebook for that place is a good idea.

If you plan to visit a lot of places in Cuba, getting a larger guidebook like The Rough Guide to Cuba is a good idea.

When you have determined what size Cuba guidebook you need, shop around for a guidebook that fits your travel style. If you’re backpacking, Lonely Planet, Let’s Go, and the Rough Guide are some of the best Cuba guidebooks.

If you’re going high-end, consider guides like the Wallpaper Guide to Havana, which offers more upscale suggestions for Havana hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing.

If you are travelling to Cuba on a budget, deals on Cuba guidebooks can be found on websites where travelers have returned from Cuba and are selling their books.

One additional tip for finding the best Cuba guidebooks is to check the date the guidebook was published. If it is more than a year old, don’t buy it. Things change so quickly in Cuba that an old Cuba guidebook will be of little use to you now.